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The Cultural Transports Collective want to share the ride-on-dinner recipe to get more ride-on-dinners cooking. DIY! Send us images and we’ll post them here; give us feedback and we can make improved recipes!

OR WE CAN HOST a ride-on-dinner with you. We undertake our ride-on-dinners as an act of aesthetic hospitality in collaboration with a partner who shares interests in the arts, transport, food or sustainability. Each ride-on-dinner responds to the unique opportunities presented by regional area, available riding routes, particular urban locations and the seasonal local food. In past rides this has included working with a Sculpture Triennial, the Craft Victoria gallery, ‘Transported’ conference with Architects for Peace, and a Pedal Powered Vehicle Workshop with RMIT University.

We offer workshops to develop all the elements of a ride-on-dinner, exploring the local lived environment, sustainable food and community recipes, pedal powered vehicles and sustainable transport lifestyles. Our pedal-powered vehicles enabling our ride-on-dinners are Melbourne-based and easily freighted long distances. We can also run workshops to help you make your own vehicles to run your ride-on-dinner.

The Cultural Transports Collective is a Melbourne-based arts group exploring relations between transportation, food and cultural change. The collective includes Kate Archdeacon, Mick Douglas, Rob Eales, Anthony Hamilton Smith, Ceri Hann, Neal Haslem, Lynda Roberts - amongst miscellaneous peddlers including artists, chefs, transport industry workers, performers, children, academics, good-for-nothings and you.